Swim - EP

by Wish Around

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tapes and 7"s coming soon


released July 13, 2015

Recorded/Mixed by Doug P at 615 Studios
Mastered by Nick Z at New Alliance East

Thank you to Michael Morales for recording drums



all rights reserved


Wish Around Pembroke Pines, Florida

Pembroke Pines, FL


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Track Name: Wondrously Blue
Seeping through windowless walls
I've never been where you want
And as this roof starts to cave in
It falls into me

You're pulling me in again
Against the grain again
This ocean I used to call my home
Is drowning us in again

I'll never get to be here
And I'll never see what's underneath
When this place starts to fade
I'll swim right through you

As this water crawls into us
I'll never forget how much it meant
Track Name: Spinning, Always
Staring into you
Was the only thing I could do
Dance in-between me
Like you do

It's been a while since we've spun
Everything crumbles and becomes undone

Staring into you
Was the only thing I could do
Diving through
What I thought was blue

The roses on your dress
Stay and press
What's crushing this
Is your lips
Track Name: Super Bloom
Wake up screaming at the top of your lungs
And you're covered in sweat
Watch these open wounds drown you in your sleep
Staring through a tunnel-less dream

Color me in
Thinking clearly
I'm molding me
Help me breathe

Holding onto all of my breath
Just to see if I had one left
Spinning the earth backwards to see what blooms
I'll do anything to be a part of you

You're a dream
That never leaves

Color me in
Thinking Clearly
I'm molding me
I'm super blooming